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All About Noopept: Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects & More

Noopept is one of the most widely-known and well-studied nootropics that you can find today. It’s incredibly potent, remarkably effective, and so far shows little evidence of any long-term risks or side effects.

There’s a lot to learn about noopept, though. This article will teach you everything that there is to know about this fantastic nootropic and how it can improve cognitive functions.

Quick Noopept FAQ

These quick FAQ will give you some bullet point answers about common noopept questions.

What is noopept?

The noopept dipeptide is a powerful cognitive-enhancing drug. It can improve memory, verbal fluidity, logical thinking, and even balance emotional states like anxiety.

Does noopept get you high?

No, noopept doesn’t get you high.

What is noopept good for?

Noopept has lots of different benefits ranging from boosting cognitive performance, beneficial metabolic effects, and mood-balancing benefits.

What Is Noopept?

Noopept is a nootropic dipeptide. It’s a cognitive-enhancement drug that has a number of different effects. It remains one of the most popular and potent nootropics on the market today.

Noopept is often confused with the -racetam family of nootropics, although it’s not actually the same class. This confusion is easy to understand: noopept was originally developed to be a more bioavailable form of piracetam. In this sense, it succeeded: it’s far more potent and powerful.

Noopept Mechanisms & Effects

Noopept was developed from the core pyrrolidine structure of the piracetam molecule. This structure was combined with a neuropeptide: small compounds that influence a number of different functions in the human body. They can function as neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) or hormones.

Dipeptides, like noopept, present additional benefits: they can be easily absorbed. Typical neuropeptides can’t pass the blood-brain barrier very well, but dipeptides can. This knowledge was what led Russian scientists to create the noopept molecule.

Noopept Benefits

There are a lot of benefits attributed to noopept. Fortunately, a large number of these have actually been verified in scientific studies. Here are a few of the most popular ways that noopept can improve cognitive functions.

1. Increased Memory

Noopept is a great substance for helping to enhance memory, both short- and long-term. It can also help increase the rate at which you commit things to memory, making it easier to learn new information.

One way that noopept increases memory is by enhancing BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) in the brain. This is a compound that helps the brain develop and produce new synaptic pathways, thus enhancing information recall (or, as we call it, memory.)

2. Improved Verbal Fluidity

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As noopept helps to increase your ability to articulate your thoughts and think clearly, this will be reflected in your speech. Noopept can enhance verbal fluidity by increasing your ability to clearly express your thoughts and ideas.

3. Increased Focus & Concentration

A noopept supplement can help to boost an individual’s focus and concentration, making it a fantastic study aid. If you want to prepare for a test or learn something quickly, noopept can certainly help.

4. Reduced Anxiety

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Not everyone experiences a reduction in anxiety when they use noopept; in fact, some find the opposite. Noopept can be stimulating, and highly sensitive people may find that this provokes anxiety.

Others, however, find that noopept anxiety benefits are the result of the supplement providing intense focus and concentration. You may become so immersed in whatever you’re doing that you simply forget to notice your anxiety.

5. Reduced Depression

Noopept depression benefits? That’s right! Not only can noopept help with anxiety, it can help people manage depression. Noopept allows people to develop a new cognitive perspective and approach their depression from a new stance.

6. Beneficial Metabolic Effects

Some studies, mostly done on animals, have shown that noopept has some important metabolic effects.

One study showed that noopept can help increase the secretion of insulin by encouraging the bodies of rats to produce a pre-hormone called incretin.

Noopept also happens to reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines in rats. This helps to reduce system inflammation

Interestingly, the noopept brain supplement also seems to have the ability to help people adapt to hot and cold environments.

Noopept Dosing

One of the most common reasons that people experience side effects with a noopept supplement is because they take too much of it. Noopept dosing can be tricky since it’s incredibly potent, and its potency is increased nearly tenfold when you take it sublingually (under the tongue).

The recommendation for noopept dosing is around 20-30 mg. However, if you take noopept under the tongue, you’ll really only need between 3-10 mg. Much more than that can be overwhelming!

The only full clinical trial done on noopept had people taking doses of 20mg. However, many of the subjects reported side effects such as insomnia and high blood pressure. It’s important to note that many of these patients already suffered from brain damage.

If you experience any side effects, then try to use the substance again at a lower dosage. It can be challenging weighing out dosages that are this small, so you might want to invest in some proper lab-quality equipment.

Noopept Side Effects

Noopept side effects are generally not serious. They can occur, though, and it’s usually the result of users taking too much noopept. Side effects can include headache, jitters, anxiety, overstimulation, insomnia, brain fog, and confusion.

Some people also report that side effects are more commonplace when they don’t take their noopept with a choline supplement. Choline is necessary for the brain’s acetylcholine system to function. Without it, noopept’s effects won’t be able to produce much positive benefit.

As for long-term effects, there hasn’t been enough study done. The majority of people who have used noopept over the long-term don’t report any serious issues, however, there are some anecdotal reports of people noticing significant cognitive issues. You’ll have to do your own research on forums like Reddit to learn more.


Noopept is a highly potent cognitive enhancement supplement. It can help enhance memory, balance mood, and increase the rate of synaptic growth in the brain. Originally designed to act as a more potent version of piracetam, noopept remains one of the most popular nootropics available today.

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