As Christmas approaches, it can be hard not to get carried away with the good cheer. Pre-Christmas fun with colleagues, a festive family Christmas dinner, topping it off with friends on New Year’s Eve. It’s easy to see how the units in drinks can quickly add up. Even though this might be the cosiest time of the year, extensive use of alcohol can affect your overall health, wellbeing and cause severe hangovers.

Are you looking for the best supplements to boost your health during the holidays? DHM (Dihydromyricetin) is the #1 Christmas supplement for the festive season, cheers!

How alcohol affects the human body

Many find alcohol a good relaxation agent, social lubricant or simply enjoy the feeling it generates. For those who drink, it is important to know the effects of alcohol on the body. Alcohol is a waste product that the body tries to excrete.

Even a tiny bit of alcohol has an effect on the body’s systems. You will start to feel intoxicated when you drink more than your body is able to process. The alcohol level builds up in the bloodstream and is distributed throughout the body.

Alcohol causes an imbalance between two types of neurotransmitters; Glutamate and Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA). The two chemicals are responsible for controlling feelings, thoughts, and coordination. When you drink alcoholic drinks, alcohol binds to the GABA receptors, activates them, resulting in slurred speech, relaxation and impaired motor function. This makes the brain believe that there could be an imbalance.

To restore this, less GABA is produced by the body. When alcohol is metabolized and excreted, the intoxication level drops, but also less GABA is left in the brain. That’s when the hangover starts kicking in.

Life-Saver Supplements to Take During the Holiday Season

Many people have hangovers after they drink to the point of intoxication. Hangovers typically begin when the alcohol concentration in your blood begins to fall and peaks when your blood alcohol level reaches zero. For many people, this hangover peak happens about the time they wake up in the morning.

Dihydromyricetin (or DHM) is an extract from the Japanese Raisin Tree. It has been used for centuries as an anti-alcohol herb and hangover cure in Korean and Chinese traditional medicine. DHM impacts the way alcohol is processed in the brain through the GABA receptors. It binds to them, hence less alcohol binds to it.

Recent studies have shown that DHM counteracts acute alcohol intoxication (1). It could lower your blood alcohol level and protect your liver from damage and disease. A second study (2) found that people who ingested DHM experienced less headache, dizziness, nausea, and weakness in their hangover compared to others who did not take the extract.

Two enzymes (ADH and ALDH) help your body break down alcohol. A study (3) shows that DHM can increase the activity of these enzymes, which means it could help you metabolize alcohol faster. In theory, the sooner your blood alcohol level reaches zero, the more quickly your hangover will pass.

Front view of Cerebra’s DHM capsules in a orange and red packaging for mood supportHow to Prevent a hangover

DHM has shown to be efficient to prevent the symptoms of a hangover. It is most effective when taken before, and while drinking alcohol. DHM is not a free-pass for excessive alcohol use, or a quick-fix for dangerous levels of alcohol toxicity in the body. It can be used to prevent the feeling of a hangover, but remember to use alcohol responsibly.

There are more factors that contribute to a hangover such as low blood sugar, dehydration and gastrointestinal upset. Therefore, more preventive actions can help to prevent a hangover.

Stay hydrated

Hydrate prior to drinking alcohol and during drinking. Drink water in between each alcoholic beverage to stay hydrated.

Eat healthy fats

Alcohol will be absorbed slower if you eat a fatty meal before drinking, therefore you’ll be less likely to experience a hangover. Healthy fats like avocados, almonds and walnuts are recommended

Supplement before drinking

Before drinking: L-theanine increases feel-good brain waves and helps the body to produce glutathione. Vitamin D can boost the immune system ahead of alcohol use, as alcohol and its toxic byproduct acetaldehyde weaken the immune system (4).

During drinking: Buffered Vitamin C is a very effective antioxidant and raises glutathione levels in your body. This helps to prevent a hangover.


Too late? How Cure your hangover

When you’re reading this with a pounding head, looking for a hangover cure, we might have some remedies that can help you to feel better.


Vitamin B has long been praised as a hangover helper. Supplements including B-1, B-6 and B-12 can boost your body’s metabolism and replace the B vitamins that are lost during drinking.

Due to the excessive fluid use during drinking, an important mineral leaves your body at an alarming rate: magnesium. Supplement with magnesium to keep up with the loss.

Skip coffee

Coffee will dehydrate your body even more. Instead, mix a glass of water with lemon juice, a couple pinches of sugar and Himalayan salt to replenish your electrolytes and rehydrate your body.

Greasy food

Eating fatty food before drinking can be helpful to slow down the absorption of alcohol in your system. After drinking it’ll only irritate your stomach more. Eating unhealthy food is adding fuel to the fire!

Go to the gym

Sweat out those toxins and kick-start your day. It might be a challenge, but it is an effective way to get rid of a nasty hangover.

Prevent your hangover next time

Preventing is better than curing a hangover. Prepare your body for alcohol use with a healthy and balanced lifestyle and learn more about the benefits of DHM.

Merry ChristMas!

The best Christmas gift you can give to yourself is to focus on your overall health & wellbeing. Bio hack your way to 2021!

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