Alpha GPC


Alpha-GPC contains choline, an essential nutrient that is believed to have cognitive benefits in addition to improving athletic performance. It occurs naturally in the brain along with being found in several food sources that include eggs, dairy, meat and fish. 

While it can be created naturally by the body, Cerebra Alpha-GPC in its pure powdered form can function as an effective supplement that is synthesized from natural sources for ultimate effectiveness.



Benefits of Alpha GPC

Scientific studies have demonstrated that increased supplementation with choline may bring the following benefits:

Better Mood

Alpha GPC was shown to increased dopamine production in both the frontal cortex (responsible for higher-level cognition) and the cerebellum of the brain in animal studies.(1)

Increased Focus

Alpha GPC aided in increasing attention span when combined in a stack with phosphatidylserine and caffeine.(2)

Enhanced Learning

Studies using Alpha GPC have demonstrated a possible association with improved cognition and higher learning capacity.(3)

Improved Physical Performance

Alpha GPC was shown to increase power output and improve athletic performance.(4)

Side effects

Widely available as a non-prescription supplement, Alpha-GPC is considered to be safe, however a loss of appetite has been reported in some assessments.(5)


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