Ginkgo Biloba

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Ginkgo biloba is ideal for anyone looking to feel more dialed in: it helps your brain fire on all cylinders, with a nice boost in energy to sustain you through the day.


Dosage guidelines

  • Dosage per day: 240 mg, split into 3 doses
  • Effect duration: 6 hours
  • Extended usage: Ginkgo biloba does not appear to be habit-forming; there seem to be no issues with tolerance, either.


Usage notes:

While many biohackers report immediate results upon supplementation, you may be one of the few who need up to 4 weeks before experiencing Ginkgo's effects. Have patience.


What is Ginkgo Biloba?

Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest species on earth. Scientists classify it as a 'living fossil' that dates back 270 million years! The usage of Ginkgo biloba dates back to ancient China, where it was recommended as a medicine for asthma, swelling of the hands and feet, and the brain. Extracts of Ginkgo leaves are typically standardized to contain 24% flavonoids and 6% terpenes – thereby explaining the name of this product, 'Ginkgo Biloba Extract 24/6.’


Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba


Enhances cognitive functions

Say goodbye to tired, directionless train of thought. Through improving blood circulation in your brain, Ginkgo has been shown to increase alertness, focus, concentration, and memory. Also, are you increasingly worried about cognitive decline? Have you been having difficulties remembering where you left your keys? Well, research shows that in addition to boosting cognition, Ginkgo can also prevent age-related cognitive decline, so your brain stays young and optimized.


Stabilizes mood

Get out of the rut you're in. As an adaptogen compound that affects feel-good neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, Ginkgo has long been used to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. In addition to being a mood elevator, Ginkgo is considered an adjuvant therapy for schizophrenia; it's shown to exert a beneficial effect on the psychotic syndrome. Ultimately, you can look forward to an improved quality of living through Ginkgo supplementation.


Boosts energy

Have you always been jealous of people who have enough energy to work out, get to work, complete house chores, and be social – all in the same day? You can be one of them too! Modern research suggests that traditional Chinese medicine practitioners were dead-on about prescribing Ginkgo as a general tonic. By improving insulin signaling, decreasing inflammation, and reducing the oxidative stress that can lead to cellular death, Ginkgo has been shown to boost energy significantly.


Ginkgo Biloba side effects

Gingko Biloba extract supplementation is generally safe and non-toxic. Nonetheless, some users have reported mild side effects, such as headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, heart palpitations, dizziness, and rash.

Also, individuals belonging to the following groups should avoid supplementing with Ginkgo:

  • Pregnant or lactating women
  • Sufferers of bleeding disorders
  • Diabetics

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