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Longevity Supplement

The source of energy is a mystery, whether it’s the forces at work that make us move our body or the source of electricity. Not even the greatest scientists of all time understand where it comes from, but that didn’t stop them from tapping into it and leveraging its power to do amazing things.

Every move we make is the result of an instruction from the brain and the power of this mysterious energy. With that in mind, it can be said that brain health is implicit in the overall health of the body, operating like a “master control center”.

Longevity is the key to extending our mental powers for as long as possible. This guide was written for open-minded people that are willing to look at the brain as a functioning control center and to learn how nutrition, mental practices and supplements can be used to improve brain longevity in order to unleash maximum potential. 

Longevity Guide Contents

Longevity Supplements

What Powers the Brain?

Saying that we know how the body works is like saying that all the information in the world can be found in an encyclopedia. The most honourable and humble scientists will admit that much of the way our body works remains a mystery, including the source of the energy that powers our thoughts and actions. 

There are practical explanations for how energy is created from food for humans or how petroleum is converted to gas, however these are subjected to a wide range of processes that require an initial source of energy or spark. That is still not known.

The most primary explanation in the case of electricity is that energy is generated from the movement of a loop of wire (also called a Faraday disc) between the poles of a magnet.

When magnets come together, it is an energy that is pulling them together – without a power source! 

So where does that energy come from? 

No one knows. What we do know so far is that the master “switchboard” is called the pituitary gland, and it hangs from the hypothalamus located in the center of our brain.

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Why Brain Longevity Practices Are Crucial

Brain longevity practices are primarily concerned with keeping the brain healthy so it functions optimally. The role of the pituitary gland is especially important because it regulates all the hormonal processes of the body. Since it operates as the “master control center”, brain longevity is critical to its function. 

In order for the brain to operate efficiently, it is important to maintain its “hardware” (physical structure) along with its “software” (beliefs, thoughts & values). These two concepts, when put together, can provide a blueprint for understanding how to increase longevity.

A computer provides a useful analogy for this concept in the sense that it must have optimum hardware to operate in addition to upgraded software in order to run properly. Both the hardware and software work synergistically: good hardware cannot compensate for bad software, and vice versa.

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Brain Software: Thoughts, Beliefs & Ideology

The way a person thinks plays a profound role in how their body performs. According to the late Dr. Candace Pert, every cell in your body is listening to the thoughts produced in the brain and is taking orders. This was proven through her scientific research on peptides (neurochemicals “messengers”) and receptors (the areas of the cell where those messages are received).

This neurochemical highway literally positions the brain in every cell in the body. If an individual is telling themselves they are successful, so be it. If they are telling themselves they are a failure, that will come true as well.

Having said that, the first step in any regimen that promotes longevity should be the clarification of a purpose or direction as a means to provide reasons for that longevity. Not having a purpose in life is like taking a trip without a destination. That can be fun for a while but in the long term our brain likes having goals because it gives context and meaning to our activities.

In that sense, increased longevity should be thought of as a “goal” that requires reasons for achieving it. Getting the right mindset is fundamental to kickstarting that process.

Brain Hardware: Physiology & Structure

Brain hardware is an easier concept to master. The brain is made of 60% fat, along with cells, nerve fibers, arteries, and arterioles. To regenerate the hardware of the brain one needs to eat high-quality fats and proteins that include animal fats, fish oil and other traditional foods that were valuable to our ancestors. 

Nutrition is a tricky subject because different diets from different parts of the world have different effects for different people! The best advice one can give is to eat natural non-processed food and to learn how to gauge its effects on the body, refining over time what works best. 

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Causes of Brain Degeneration

Brain degeneration comes from a variety of causes related to factors that literally “wear out” the tissues and “burn away” at key structures that transmit information.

Mental stress, along with inflammation associated with too much acid in the diet, caffeine, nicotine and other drugs will wear away the structure of the brain along with other factors like dehydration and lack of sleep.

How to Increase Brain Longevity with Supplements

Longevity supplements play a role in supporting the physical structure of the brain. They can be thought of as catalysts to help the brain repair and regenerate. Here are some examples that can help detoxify the brain and body, increase oxygen flow, and support neurological function:

Reduced Glutathione – Found in plants, animals, fungi, and some bacteria and archaea, reduced glutathione is capable of preventing oxidative damage from free radicals, peroxides, lipid peroxides, and heavy metals.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom – Used for thousands of years in Asia, lion’s mane mushroom is thought to have neurotrophic properties that promote nerve and brain health.

Magnesium L-threonate – A special form of magnesium designed to pass the blood-brain barrier easily, magnesium L-threonate supports brain function and neuroplasticity.

Ashwagandha – Used extensively in traditional Indian medicine, ashwagandha is thought to reduce stress and cortisol levels.

The above supplements can complement a holistic health regimen when taken alone or as part of a stack. For more information and product recommendations, please visit the longevity section of our store.


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