Nootropics To Boost Productivity

Optimal productivity at work is achieved through a combination of several factors that include increased focus, improved memory, boundless energy, stress management and increased motivation.

Since there are many factors that contribute to how an individual performs, a plan to increase productivity cannot be achieved with one approach. Cultivating all these factors requires a holistic plan to enhance overall wellbeing that takes into account various lifestyle factors in order to achieve optimal results that can be felt in the workplace and beyond.

This guide will give details about how the brain is involved in focus, memory, energy production, stress management and motivation. It will teach you the basics of how the systems of the body work in conjunction with the brain, while giving suggestions for lifestyle changes and supplementation that can help boost overall work performance. 

Contents: Nootropics To Boost Work Performance

  • The Keys to Optimal Work Performance
  • How to Increase Focus
  • Boosting Memory For Better Productivity
  • Increasing Endurance and Energy
  • Nootropics for Stress Management
  • Increasing Motivation to Boost Productivity

The Keys to Optimal Work Productivity

Awareness around nootropics has increased substantially in recent years. This is evidenced by the proliferation of products created to address complex problems by providing an “all-in-one” solution in the form of a single pill. 

This approach is faulty because a single pill cannot address multiple issues simultaneously. More often than not, these supplements do not include adequate amounts of the ingredients required to make a substantial difference.

The demands of the workplace are varied and complex, requiring an increasingly sophisticated line of thinking. The needs of individuals in that sense go far beyond the “one pill” approach to achieving greater productivity. 

Our approach to nootropics supplementation stems from the factors we believe are most important to boosting work performance. These include focus, memory, energy, stress management and motivation. 

How to Increase Focus

With more stimulus in our environment than ever before, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to remain focused amid all the auditory, physical and visual environmental distractions.

The ability to focus hinges on our power to process all this sensory information. Since we are being inundated with more stimuli than ever before it is important to shut out unnecessary sources of distractions and stress in order to develop a greater sense of calm. This can allow our brain waves to slow down so we are able to focus our attention on one thing at a time. 

Meditation is the weapon of choice for cultivating that mind state. This can be as simple as taking breaks several times a day for just a few minutes to sit in a quiet place and rest the mind. Besides increasing our ability to focus, mediation brings with it many other health benefits by calming our nervous system. 

With regards to supplementation, L-theanine, the active ingredient in green tea, has been shown in studies to have a positive effect on neurotransmitters like GABA and glutamate. Besides treating depression, L-theanine has been shown to help manage stress and improve mental cognition

The movie limitless is famous for boosting Productivity. There are no certain pills as in the movies but nootropics will boost energy and focus to a certain extent.

L-theanine can help improve mental cognition while providing a feeling of relaxed attentiveness and increased focus.

Aside from healthy habits like eating high-quality food, restful sleep and balanced exercise, nootropics like magnesium l-threonate, phosphatidylserine and lion’s mane mushroom can help boost brain performance what you need as an entrepreneur.

L-Theanine, Phosphatidylserine (PS), Rhodiola Rosea and Lion’s Mane Mushroom are the most taken by top-performing entrepreneurs.

Boosting Memory For Better Productivity

Memories are stored in various parts of the brain, prompting scientists to believe that the entire brain is involved with memory. Since many of us are confronted with information overload, many of the systems involved with memory in the brain can get taxed as a result of the increased need for processing power in the new technological era.

Psychoactive medications, head injuries, alcohol abuse, smoking, nutritional deficiencies and sleep deprivation can all contribute to poor memory. A pill will not solve this. Brain-focused nutrition and rest will recalibrate the brain and increase its power along with supplementation with key B vitamins, healthy sources of fat and minerals like magnesium. 

Magnesium L-threonate is a specialized form of magnesium derived from the salt of L-threonic acid. Developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this formulation has been shown to be effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier to enhance cognitive function and neuroplasticity in addition to treating memory loss

Increasing Endurance and Energy 

If a car engine has mechanical problems will pumping more gas make it move? Anyone thinking that food and supplements play the primary role in energy production are in line with this false way of thinking. 

The truth is that energy is about more than just “inputs” into the system and its cultivation requires that the nervous system is healthy, particularly the adrenal glands. 

Being in a constant state of productivity taxes the adrenal glands by overproducing adrenaline and cortisol. Increased levels of these hormones produced through intense activity, dangerous/illegal nootropics or large amounts of caffeine will wear the body down. Pumping our system with more food or supplements in this state is analogous to adding gas to a car experiencing mechanical failure.

The best prescription is to take a vacation, rest and eat good food. Aside from this common sense advice, Rhodiola Rosea can be used to recalibrate energy reserves. Traditionally prescribed to combat fatigue and exhaustion, Rhodiola Rosea can help alleviate stress, reduce fatigue and treat depression through Tyrosol, its active ingredient. 

Nootropics for Stress Relieve

Stress isn’t “good” or “bad”, it’s a response to challenges calling for us to change our lifestyle or level up some aspect of our life or physical being. 

Some people think that stress is mostly mental or emotional, but this is not true. Stress can come from many sources that include environmental factors like poor-quality water or food and electromagnetic radiation. 

Stress can make us stronger. This is seen in bodybuilders that stress their muscles to gain strength. Quality nutrition, movement, supplementation, and the right mental attitude go a long way in helping us overcome life’s challenges and the reward is increased strength on many levels.

Ashwagandha has been shown in numerous studies to reduce cortisol levels for a wide range of health benefits. Prescribed in Indian medicine for generations, it has been shown by modern researchers to improve symptoms of anxiety and reduce inflammation for better overall stress management. 

Increasing Motivation to Boost Productivity

Dopamine is the key to motivation and an improved mood. It is the neurochemical produced in the reward pathways of the brain and can be attained in both negative and positive ways.

The negative ways are through activities that provide instant gratification like drugs, smoking, junk food, drinking large amounts of coffee and other habits that can impair health. 

Positive ways that take more effort include overcoming mental and physical challenges, achieving goals, learning new things and being creative through our work and hobbies. 

There’s a clear choice here where dopamine is concerned. One can either indulge in the “quick fixes” or build healthy habits that boost dopamine naturally. 

Change obviously can’t happen overnight. A wise way to create healthy habits is to substitute the “bad” habits for the “good” over time while digging deep to find a purpose in life. 

Healthy eating, restful sleep and engaging in exercise go a long way in producing dopamine. L-theanine, the active ingredient in green tea, will also help function as a substitute for anyone addicted to coffee. Studies have suggested that it can improve symptoms of depression, help manage stress, and enhance mental cognition

FAQ: Nootropics to Boost Work Productivity

L-theanine can help improve mental cognition while providing a feeling of relaxed attentiveness and increased focus.

Nootropics supplements can work, especially when combined with natural holistic health practices like quality nutrition, balanced exercise and restful sleep.

Aside from healthy habits like eating high-quality food, restful sleep and balanced exercise, nootropics like magnesium l-threonate, phosphatidylserine and lion’s mane mushroom can help boost brain performance.

Coffee can help boost brain function, however has long-term detrimental effects. L-theanine is a more gentle way to improve mental performance while providing a feeling of increased focus and attentiveness.

Supplementation with quality nootropics along with high-quality nutrition, deep sleep and exercise is the best way to boost the brain over the long term without any negative side effects.

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