Payment Methods

Payment Information

Bitcoin is probably the best way to pay and is becoming a more common method of online payment. If you are new to bitcoin, read the section bitcoin below for more information. We also accept Western Union ass payment method. Western Union is available global wide, easy to find for you in any location and is a great way to pay for your products. Your payment is available for us within just a few minutes. This allows us to prepare your order immediately.



We accept PayPal. If there is any delay in your order please contact us first before opening a ticket with PayPal. They often suspend accounts in Nootropics without reason so we want to reduce the risk of this.


Bank transfer for international customers

International customers can make a transfer with their own bank using our IBAN number which will appear on the checkout page. Your bank may charge additional costs for international transfers. Contact your bank for more information. You must also take into account any currency calculations.


How to use Bitcoin?

If you want to remain anonymous while purchasing products, then bitcoin payment is the way for you. Bitcoin is a safe and secure transaction and above that super fast. We will also be accepting payments in alt coins. Bitcoins is in fact electronic cash that you can use to pay merchants or even your friends. Paying with Bitcoin is actually very easy once you get your head around the basics. First you need a bitcoin wallet. This is similar to your bank account in the traditional sense and is used to store your Bitcoins with a own address.

When transferring Bitcoins to another person or company, all you need is their address. Bitcoins are divisible to 0.00000001BTC so you do not need to purchase whole Bitcoins, you can purchase just the right amount for your order. You should always make sure you first transfer the BTC to your OWN wallet from the exchange you use. DO NOT send directly from the exchange to the vendor, this can cause multiple issues.

It’s the best practice to purchase slightly more coins than you need (around 3-5% more). To calculate how many BTC you need please use the rate on the exchanges website that you plan to use. In order to prevent delays you should also ensure you pay sufficient transaction/network fee when sending your payment. We recommend paying around 0.001 BTC, this will ensure your payment confirms before the BTC address we provide expires.


Credit card & Debit card payments (paypal)

Paying online purchases wit your creditcard or debit card is alway a very safe and secure payment method. However keep in mind that we can place orders on hold to ask for further identification. For some countries there is a limit for transactions that are taken by credit,- or debit card. Any orders exceeding this limit will need to be topped up by an alternative payment.


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