Chelohart is a supplement created with the intention of boosting heart function through the use of peptides derived from the heart muscle of young healthy animals. The specialized complex of peptide fractions aims to improve heart function from their direct effect on the cardiomyocytes through their direct participation in cellular metabolism for the overall effect of regulated functional cardiac activity.


What is Chelohart?

Chelohart is a bioregulator created from animal-derived heart muscle extract, reported to contain the most vital heart peptides derived from young animals, specifically cows and pigs that are younger than 11 months old and free from diseases. 

Researchers associated with Chelohart report that peptide supplementation can enrich the supply of peptides within the cardiac muscle tissue. Other effects include the normalization of peptide levels and function regulation. 

Supplements aimed at improving heart function can be helpful for those suffering from:

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Hypertension
  • Myocarditis
  • Postinfarction cardiosclerosis
  • Myocardiodystrophies of various genesis
  • Compromised heart function/cardiac deficiency
  • Overwork/Intensive physical activities
  • Malnutrition


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Ash Splashworthy  | Dec 03, 2020

Laila N.  | May 11, 2020

Great product- you get value for money

Bjoern  | Sep 15, 2020

Have used a Bioregulator before -- still good and will order again

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