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We support your pursuit of health, wellness, and performance here at Cerebra. Through our range of quality nootropics and supplements, we give you the advantage you have always been looking for.



A successful business owner in many revolutionary fields, Rich enjoys pushing his limits and staying ahead of the competition in everything he does. His belief and passion in biohacking and optimizing performance through body and mind were what led him to create Cerebra.

He is well-known for his love for obstacle course racing and light-hearted practical jokes.


An innovative business leader with a strong background in the CBD industry, Ash is driven by his passion for nutrition, health, and longevity – leading to the birth of Cerebra. As an investor, he works on projects that create positive social impacts and is a keen advocate for cryptocurrencies.

He is an avid dog-lover and a martial artist who enjoys the mental and physical challenges of the sport.

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