Tulsi Ocimum Extract

60 Capsules - 200mg


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Natural Health Boost for Your Body and Mind.
Discover the power of Tulsi Ocimum Extract, a premium supplement designed to support your body and mind in a natural way. With a rich blend of health benefits, this extract offers a holistic approach to well-being, from respiratory health to mental balance and antioxidant protection.

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Functions of Tulsi Ocimum Extract:

  • Respiratory Health: Tulsi extract has a beneficial effect on various respiratory issues*
  • Additionally, Tulsi promotes mental balance and aids in mental energy*
  • Tulsi is an antioxidant and is good for heart and respiratory health*.
  • Immunity: Helps maintain the power of the immune system
  • Heart Vitality and Stress: supports heart function, helps maintain vitality, helps maintain resistance to stress
  • Helps maintain optimal physical and mental health: expectorant
  • Respiratory Health Support

Order Tulsi and support your respiratory health*

Our Tulsi Ocimum Extract is formulated to support the health of your airways, with its calming properties helping to relieve cough, congestion, and inflammation. It promotes healthy breathing, allowing you to breathe more freely, so you can fully enjoy your daily activities.

Mental Balance and Vitality with Cerebra supplements

Experience improved mental balance and increased energy with our Tulsi Extract. It helps you stay calm amidst daily stress and promotes a positive mood, while enhancing your mental alertness and focus. Feel sharper and more focused, ready to tackle the challenges of the day.*

Tulsi is an Antioxidant

With its significant antioxidant properties, our Tulsi Extract protects your cells and tissues from harmful free radicals. It helps slow down the aging process and supports a healthy heart and a strong immune system, so you can stay at your best, both inside and out.*

Buy Tulsi and support your overall well-being*

Our Tulsi Ocimum Extract is designed to support your overall well-being, from head to toe. It helps maintain a healthy heart function, increases your resistance to stress, and contributes to optimal physical and mental health. Feel good in your own skin and radiate from within.

Add Cerebra Tulsi Ocimum Extract to Your Daily Routine

With Cerebra Tulsi Ocimum Extract, you give your body and mind the natural boost they deserve. Discover the many benefits of this powerful supplement and experience the positive changes in your life. Choose Cerebra Tulsi Ocimum Extract and invest in your health and well-being, every day.

Tulsi extract daily use

Daily use of Tulsi supplements can be an easy way to supplement your diet and address potential nutrient deficiencies, and to benefit from the natural advantages. It is recommended to take the recommended dosage of 2 capsules per day, preferably with a meal, and to store the supplements in a cool, dry place.

* Please note! Health claims pending approval by the European Commission;


Monthly Supply

60 Capsules – 200mg, 60 Capsules – 400mg


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