Healing yourself is a big job, however, many of us seem to forget that a lot of healing can be done without the help of others. Sometimes self-help can be the best help. There are so many methods of healing. Some methods target a specific area in need of help while others can be healing as a whole.

We are going to look at creativity and how it could directly assist you in the healing process. Before we get into the link between healing and creativity, we will go over how to stay creative in the first place.

The time is now and you likely have more tools to heal yourself than you may have previously thought. Let’s look at how to heal yourself naturally via creativity.

How to stay creative

Healing yourself is great in theory, however, there are some complications when putting this theory into practice. The main obstacle you will face is keeping those creative juices flowing. To make this process easier, check out these tips on how to boost creativity.


Try new things all the time. Even if you are someone who has multiple creative outlets, keep trying new things. This pushes you to think differently and promotes neuroplasticity in the brain, which increases creative potential. The more variety you are exposed to, the more creatively you will think. This can be said for all things in life, not just creative activities. Life is far too finite to stay in a bubble. Give anything that interests you a go and you may be surprised at the creative advantage it gives you and maybe even a new hobby! Experimenting with other methods, eg. meditation or nootropics for creativity can also be helpful. Everyone is unique which is why experimentation is key.

Find your outlet(s)

The point above is related to this. If you don’t really have a creative hobby or interest, don’t give up. Keep searching and trying new things until you find something that brings you joy. It is a lot easier to stay creative when you have specific outlets to go to. Although this makes it easier, do not feel hopeless if you haven’t found your ‘thing’ yet. The truth is everyone has a ‘thing’ and if they don’t, they simply haven’t found it yet. Some people take longer than others to find an outlet that works and aligns with them. Keep up the search!

Stay inspired

Although this is something that can come naturally, there will be periods where you have to actively seek out inspiration. Whether you look internally or externally, you will see there is always inspiration surrounding you if you look with the right set of eyes. Sometimes inspiration can be found in funny places, as well. Maybe you reorganized or cleaned your room and this allowed you to clear out the space in your head and make room for inspiring thoughts. Maybe you started following a new ‘art inspo’ page on Instagram that inspired you to widen your skill base. Maybe you met a stranger on a bus that inspired you to change your perspective on something. Inspiration can lie in strange places. Never stop seeking it out!

These are just a few things that I find helpful to keep in mind when trying to maintain that creative mind state.

Healing yourself with creativity explained

Okay, so we’ve gone over a few tips we can apply that will help us stay creative more consistently-but how does this offer healing effects? Let’s look at that now and go over how to heal yourself naturally.

Essentially, creativity is using the imagination as a tool to generate original ideas that can be applied in various ways. Creativity itself isn’t as healing as applying your creative thought process to real-life actions/activities.

In this section, we will be using art as a vague example of a creative task. Here are a few examples of aspects to creating something (such as art) that can provide a healing effect:

Living in the moment:

When we create art, we enter a space in time where nothing else seems to matter and we have a laser focus on whatever kind of art it is that we are creating. Remaining in this headspace is incredible healing. It is possible to become so engulfed in the art you are creating to the point where it feels like time is temporarily standing still and nothing outside of you and your art exists. This would be referred to as living in the moment, which holds heaps of healing properties for the mind.

Being easy on yourself:

This is easier said than done, especially when it comes to creating art. Many artists are far too hard on themselves and accidentally steer towards creating art to make it perfect rather than creating it for the sake of creating it. When we start doing things without upholding unrealistic expectations, whatever we are doing becomes so much more enjoyable. Next time you are making some art, try to go easy on yourself and just try your best in a light-hearted way. Learning to speak to yourself with more kindness will heal pre-existing wounds you may have when it comes to the relationship you have with yourself. Self-love may be one of the most effective self-healing remedies out there.

Practising patience:

Learn to fall in love with the process. In today’s fast-paced society, it is easy to get stuck in a default mode where you will find yourself unnecessarily rushing everything. Exercising a creative outlet that allows you to slow down will have a positive impact on your mind that you can bring along with you outside of your creative projects. Having to wait for the paint to dry or having to make something out of a mistake you made to avoid starting over is a great way to enjoy the ride without being consumed with the thought of the destination. Being able to successfully practise patience on something external, such as art, will help you practise patience with yourself. During the healing process, patience is vital. Without it, you won’t get very far as these things take time to work through.


Dedicating to something (a project or outlet) is great for your mental health. Having something that you are doing for yourself and no one else will give you a chance to practise solitude, which can be extremely healing. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy solitude, then this is the perfect way to work on that aspect of yourself. Being self-disciplined will increase your confidence, motivation, and inspiration. Having a boost in these three areas will inevitably help you along your journey of healing. Showing dedication to things (like creativity) will also give you an advantage, helping you heal with less time and more grace.

Closing thoughts:

Creativity is something accessible to us all. Use my tips above to help you along the way and you can expect healing to follow. Life isn’t easy, no matter who you are. However, we can make life easier for ourselves when we take the necessary steps to heal.

Everyone deserves healing and creativity is just an exciting way to help you get there.